The Food and Culture Around the World Handbook

The Food and Culture Around the World Handbook

Helen C. Brittin
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This book provides specific information on the food and culture of each of the 195 countries in the world. Designed to be consistent and concise, it uses an outline format that details the cultural factors related to food ( such as geography, ethnic group, religions and education) and the food itself ( such as typical dishes, special occasion foods, meals and service and street food and snacks). Its goal is to help readers develop multicultural competence and cultural sensitivity so they are more equipped to provide adequate food service, nutrition education, and health care to an increasingly diverse population.  Some features for each country entry include:
  • COUNTRY NAME (Official Name)
  • Culture
  • Geography location and topography
  • Major Languages                          
  • Ethnic Groups and % of population in each group                                            
  • Major Religions Official religion and % of population affiliated with each religion                                                                                                                                                     
  • Agriculture chief crops and livestock
  • Brief History
  • Industries
  • All types of food coverage including influences on food and specialty or occasion food

A perfect blend of culture and food, this is a great resource for anyone in the food service industry!