Calculus Early Transcendentals: Pearson New International Edition

Calculus Early Transcendentals: Pearson New International Edition

Dale Varberg, Edwin J. Purcell, Steve E. Rigdon
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For freshman/sophomore-level courses treating calculus of both one and several variables.

Clear and Concise!

Varberg focuses on the most critical concepts freeing you to teach the way you want!

This popular calculus text remains the shortest mainstream calculus book available — yet covers all the material needed by, and at an appropriate level for, students in engineering, science, and mathematics. It's conciseness and clarity helps students focus on, and understand, critical concepts in calculus without them getting bogged down and lost in excessive and unnecessary detail. It is accurate, without being excessively rigorous, up-to-date without being faddish. The authors make effective use of computing technology, graphics, and applications. Ideal for instructors who want a no-nonsense, concisely written treatment.